Ohood Aljurayed

Ohood Aljurayed

Artist and Writer

Loved art from very young age, started her art journey in school when she participated in art competitions and talent shows.

Nature was the first inspiration, but life in general and humans become the main focus of attention as she proceeded in her art journey.

As she continued her journey, the main focus become personally created characters with expressionist leanings.

Creating a smile on the onlookers faces is a main goal for drawing in such style. Made several participation in exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Taiwan, and made a personal exhibition titled ”Saudi Features”  in Kuwait .

About Ohood:

-Studied fine art in FAI , Kuwait.

-Worked as a teacher of Fine Arts in” Alnahda” the Association Women’s Section of continuing education,Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia .
-Owner of Art & Design gallery with the artist AFAF Al Bajeri,Riyadh 1997-2007.

-Writer in Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI)  , Dubai -UAE 2009-2011 

-Now she’s full time Artist and Writer in several Arabic magazines . .

Members and exhibitios:

-IPAT Member, American Porcelain artist and teacher Society.

 National Festival for Heritage and Cultural Organization (AlJanadriyah) – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 1995.
 National Festival for Heritage and Cultural Organization (AlJanadriyah) – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 1996.
-“ My vision 2“,AlNahdah Women’s Association – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 1997.
 Charitable exhibition Third Committee of Friends of the patient – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 1997.
-Exhibition of the Gulf Cooperation council , Muscat – Oman, 1998.
 Saudi roving exhibition of the Saudi Society for Culture and the arts in the Egyptian Opera House ,Cairo  Egypt 1998.

– Personal exhibition titled “Saudi Features” …(Malameh saudia) organized by the Kuwait Society for Formative Arts.In honor Sheikh Mansour AlAhmad AlJaber AlSabah
in the hall of Fine Arts, the State of Kuwait in 2000

 Saudi creativity Exhibition in Beirut – Lebanon 2000.
Saudi Fine Art Exhibition in Taiwan – Taipei 2000.

Painting on the glass dual exhibition with Afaf Al Bajari exhibition in Bayet Lothan , Kuwait  2002

Painting on the glass dual exhibition with Afaf Al Bajari exhibition in Bayet Lothanin in honor of Sheikha Fariha AlAhmad AlJaber AlSabah in the bayet Lothan in state of Kuwait 2003.

 Festival of the Arab artists II (Without Borders) – Cairo – Arab Republic of Egypt 2004.

 Innocence and of the colors- exihibition 6 – disabled children’s Association in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia 2006.

“With my hands I’ll make my future”  – Exhibition donate for Special Needs children- Dubai Media -Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) -Dudai Mall – Dubai 2010 .

“World art Dubai “ in DWTC , Dubai 2015.